Friday, December 14, 2007

Book Recommendation

I wanted to recommend an excellent book on taking care of your child's health. In chapter 14, Dr. Wootan talks about immunizations and childhood diseases. It really put me at ease about not vaccinating my two youngest children. The only vaccine he recommended is tetanus. The book is called Take Charge of Your Child's Health by George Wootan, M.D.
The first book I ever read on the subject of not vaccinating your child was Vaccinations: Deception and Tragedy by Michael Dye. It explains how God designed our immune systems to work and is truly a fascinating read. I read this book while I was trying to research non medical methods of handling 2 health problems. I was suffering from many migraine headaches and my daughter was having a terrible flare-up of her juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. We learned a lot about healthy eating from Hallelujah Acres, but alas, we are not vegetarians.

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