Friday, August 15, 2008


JRA stands for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. In order to make this compact I will not go into too much detail. In short, my 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with it at the ripe age of 3. At around age 14 she began a remission. She went off the dreaded methotrexate she had been on for years. Some children "outgrow" it. I was hopeful she was one of them. Last summer she got a tetanus booster. (This is the ONE we do get.) I was told it was fine by her rheumatologist. Ever since then she has been complaining of aches and pains off and on. Well, by this summer she is in full blown active phase again. It could be coincidence that this happened following the tetanus shot. I'll never truly know... (She had a flare after her MMR booster at age 5, too. This is back when I wasn't armed with what I know now about vaccines.) Currently, she is taking methotrexate and naproxyn. Three days a week she is so sick to her stomach that she occasionally has dry heaves in the morning, she can hardly eat, and fights nausea. We're seeing our doctor here at home this coming week. If you think of it. Please pray for her. I know God is greater than this disease! (I think I've learned a valuable lesson, too.)

Saying No to Vaccines

I recently found this information thanks to some helpful MOMYS. I will be purchasing the book Saying No to Vaccines: A Resource Guide for All Ages by Sherri Tenpenny in order to review this additional information on the vaccine issue. Dr. Tenpenny's website is very informative. There is a WEALTH of information on vaccines. I especially liked all the info on the HPV vaccine.